Paraffin Wax SPA Pedicure – £38
For a special treat have a paraffin wax pedicure, which will soften the skin and aid joint mobility. This is followed by warm booties and then the wax is removed and the rest of the pedicure is finished.

OPI SPA Pedicure – £28
Drift away as we soak, soften and massage your feet into a rejuvenated state. Includes hard skin removal, exfoliation, leg and foot massage, cuticle work and polish.

Callous Peel – £23
This 15-minute four step system includes a skin softening patch that is wrapped around the bottom of the foot, a special device is used to remove the dead skin callous, followed by a Keratin polish and moisturiser.

OPI Mini Pedicure – £17
A mini treatment to the feet includes cuticle work, file and OPI polish.


Serene Upgrades (available on all nail treatments)

Gel Colour – £10
This is a gel formula that will cure to the nail in just 30 seconds and last for weeks.

Paraffin Wax Treatment – £10
For that extra special treat have a paraffin wax manicure. As well as the normal benefits of a manicure, the paraffin wax softens the skin and aids mobility of joints, which is good for arthritis. The paraffin wax is applied to your hands, warm mittens are then placed over them and the wax is left to work for 10 minutes. The wax is then removed and the rest of the manicure is finished.

Nail Art – £5
Nail art transfers or Chrome Effects can be applied to any nail polish to create extra effect. A great choice to choose from for that special night out.

Gel Soak Off – £7