Signature Treatments

Signature Treatments

Laminaria slimming body wrap £47

Our Laminaria body wrap has a combination of specially selected seaweeds for intense shaping , reducing cellulite and helps flush out toxins.


Cocoa Bean self heating body wrap £47

This self-heating herbal pack is formulated with cocoa beans and algae to stimulate the skin, relax and nourish. As the temperature gently rises the wrap exudes a sweet chocolate aroma and releases its active ingredients.


Geranium and Grapefruit salt scrub £36

Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with the sweet aroma , bursting with floral and citrus scents.


Chocolate and Orange Body salt scrub £36
Indulge and refresh your skin with this chocolate infused scrub, bursting with zingy orange scents.


Hot Stone Back Massage £31
Hot Stone Full Body Massage £61
The heat of volcanic basalt stones travels deep into the muscles stimulating warm relief and relaxation. A great detox treatment, with one full treatment you can lose 400 calories. A great treatment for complete relaxation.


Aromatherapy Back Massage £28
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £48
Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage therapy using selected essential oils. During your massage you inhale and absorb the benefits of the oils into your body. A luxury scalp massage is included using raw coconut oils to increase relaxation.


Reflexology £31
An ancient technique that stimulates the pressure points on the feet, to rebalance the body’s energy system. Known to be recommended as an alternative method to taking medication. A great pamper for your feet when you have had a hard days work.


Indian Head Massage £24
Indian head massage helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, frees knots of muscular tension and relaxes connective tissue. It is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension.


Hopi-Ear-Candling £23
A relaxing, warming  therapy, proven to be helpful  for sinus problems, headaches, snoring, tinnitus and blocked ears. Includes a pressure point facial massage.